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Parsec members published

Mary Soon Lee has a poem online in Ideomancer and four poems in Star*Line.

Jamie Lackey has had three stories published in several places.

Parsec member Mary Soon Lee has a poem online in Ideomancer. The poem, titled “The Matter of the Horses,” is the tenth poem to be published from her epic fantasy sequence “The Sign of the Dragon.” (Several other poems from the sequence may be read at The Sign of the Dragon.

She also has four poems in the latest Star*Line, issue #38.1. One of these, “Reasons Not to Bother a Dragon,” may be read online at Star*Line.

Parsec member Jamie Lackey had three short stories published in December. You can check them out here: Episode Five: Of Magic and Mayhem: Three Cups, The Blood of Four Gods. Perihelion: Abram’s Choice.