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Triangulation 2013: Steel Cities

Triangulation Steel Cities is available to purchase!

EditorSteve Ramey
Layout: Barb Carlson
Cover Art: Karen Yun-Lutz

Creative, intriguing and sometimes emotional, this edition of Triangulation includes many variations on the theme “Steel Cities.” From Pigeons to sentient buildings, love stories to radioactive planets, mysterious entities to all-too-human beings and a planet that gives new meaning to the term “ghost city,” you’ll find a wide variety of interesting reading within the pages of this short story anthology.

Featuring stories by: Nathaniel Lee > Jamie Lackey > Pierre Pelot > Eric Lief Davin > Susan Urbanek Linville > Russell Nichols > Mary J. Daley > Cameron Suey > S.R. Algernon > Oren Hammerquist> Megan Lee Beals > Alicia Cole