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Triangulation 2009: Dark Glass

Triangulation: Dark Glass is available to purchase!

Published: 2009
Editor: Pete Butler
Assistant Editors: Joseph Benedetto, Jamie Lackey, Bill Moran, Deanna Hardin
Cover Art: Vincent Chong

What if the only way to save your soul was to betray your God? How can a race of xenophobes exact vengeance a thousand years after their own extinction? If ugliness had a voice, what would it say? Have you ever wanted to be a squid? And how good is your instinctive wickedness? Triangulation: Dark Glass is the 2009 edition of PARSEC Ink’s internationally acclaimed anthology series, featuring sixteen short stories from old pros and new writers alike. Open it up for a tour of the afterlife, a dancing dead man, Darwinian ghost orgies, soul-shattering street hockey, a genie’s wish, evil that lurks under the sidewalk, and Miltons. Lots and lots of Miltons.

“Triangulation: Dark Glass is a small press anthology of speculative fiction, the sixth in a series produced by the Pittsburgh-based science fiction organization PARSEC. The thematic pole to which each story is tethered is the vague idea of “dark glass,” here taken both as literally and figuratively as possible. The collection is diverse in style and skill, from witty to morose and amateur to professional.” Tangent On-line

Featuring Stories by:

The Milton Feinhoff Problem Mark Onspaugh
Saint Darwin’s Spirituals D.K. Thompson
Imaginal Friend Kenneth B. Chiacchia
Monstrous Embrace Rachel Swirsky
Dancing Lessons Aaron Polson
Perchance to Dream D.J. Cockburn
Windows to the Soul Gerri Leen
More Things in Heaven and Earth Jason K Chapman
On the Path Kelly A Harmon
Broken Things Kathryn Board
Audition for Evil Amy Treadwell
One Touch to Remember David Seigler
Souls on Display Kurt Kirchmeier
A More Beautiful Monster Loretta Sylverstr
Seeing Is Craig Wolf