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Triangulation 2007: End of Time

Triangulation: End of Time is available to purchase!

Published: 2007
Fiction Editor: Peter Butler
Assistant Editor: Joseph Benedetto
Art Editor: Kira Heston
Cover Art: Henry Tjernlund

What happens when you ask a bunch of writers to come up with stories based on the theme “End of Time?” Well, you get stories that are apocalyptic, stories that are whimsical, and stories that are whimsically apocalyptic. You get continents running amok, zombie stampedes, and cryogenic mishaps. You get hurricanes, killer comets, and all-consuming deserts. You get frivolous time travel, alien invasions, and trickster gods threatened by an eternity of boredom. In short, you get this anthology. Take a peek inside for stories that really mean it when they say “The End.”

“This whole volume is equal to any typical issue of your favorite prozine, and will reward your investment.”
–Paul Di Filippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction

Featuring stories by:

A Job for Life Ian Creasey
America is Coming! Dario Ciriello
Morris and the Machine Tim Pratt
That Ain’t a Mosey Jeff Parish
Late Idan Cohen
Near Absolute Zero Jetse de Vries
The Bridge Michael Stone
Surface Tension Kurt Kirchmeier
Conversation in An English Pub D.K. Latta
Time’s the Arrow Not Your Enemy Ashley Arnold
When We Have Time Matthew Johnson
Hurricane Watch Rebecca W. Day
This Is the Way the World Ends Trent Walters
Defender Scott Almes
Ice Age Jessica E. Kaiser
The Shopping Car People Terry Hayman
Final Episode Katherine Shaw
In the Belly of the Desert Jared Axelrod
Think Kindly of Our Fossils Sue Burke
Eshu and the Anthropic Principle Geoffrey Thorne


“… this collection was an enjoyable read.” –Todd Ruthman, Black Gate

“No two stories are alike; no two authors have approached the theme from the same direction. Well worth a read.” —Debbie Moorhouse, GUD Magazone

“The best thing about Triangulation: End of Time is its breadth. With 20 authors offering up their personal takes on “the end,” each story is distinctive, and the whole is well worth a read, especially on a rainy or snowy winter afternoon.” –Nicole McClain, The Fix

“The stories collected in Triangulation: End of Time will help expand your reading horizons, and they will help scratch your very particular, hard-to-reach, highly personal speculative fiction itch. Not bad for $12.” —Jeremiah Sturgill, Son and Foe

“Overall, it’s a good selection of stories. The weaker ones tend to be the shorter ones, so even at its worst, it’s not hard work. And there are around half-a-dozen stories of real quality that stand out.” –Jim Steel, Whispers of Wickedness

“Triangulation: End of Time offers an interesting spectrum of approaches to its theme, combining the work of experienced and relatively new talents and for the first time opening the anthology series to members outside of PARSEC.” —Dru Pagliassotti, The Harrow

“It would be fair to say that there are stories in here that should please everyone. Those that don’t appeal are certainly readable.” — Geoff Willmetts,

“The aforementioned stories are the ones picked out for particular praise at a quick re-skim of the volume. The other stories vary from short shorts, to a couple of other substantial stories – mostly pretty fine and dandy, in a volume that gives pretty good value for $12.00 for the deadtree version, and especially good value for $4.00 for the PDF version.” –Mark Watson, Best SF Reviews

“At best some of the stories will stay with you. Though there is a number of old concepts rehashed and some stories are at best competent, overall it’s a nicely satisfying read.” — Charles Packer, Sci-Fi Online

“Edited by Pete Butler this book contains some great stories by some of the most talented people out there today. From Jessica E. Kaiser’s ICE AGE to Jeff Parish’s THAT AINT A MOSEY, Triangulation is filled with stories that will entertain, repulse and leave you unsettled. All of these authors weave tapestries that will leave any avid reader wanting more.” —Michael Lovell, Magus Press

“Triangulation: End of Time is a thought-provoking, exhilarating collection of stories hypothesizing how the end of days will come or what it will be like for those left after whatever catastrophe takes place. All of the stories are masterfully written, so much so that I found it difficult to put the book down after ending each selection—even at the end, I wanted more.” —Lilith, The Future Fire