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Triangulation: 2005

A Confluence of Speculative Fiction

Editor: Barbara Carlson
Published: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-9743231-2-1, 0-9743231-2-8
Cover art: William Keith
Proofreading: Barbara Carlson, Judy Friedl
Interior art: Barbara Carlson, Susan Urbanek Linville and Karen Yun-Lutz
Printer: Tri-Ad Litho, Pittsburgh, PA


Wave of the Future by Erica L. Satifka
A Curse of the Banbino by Dan Bloch
A Life in the Day by Larry Ivkovich
Before I Knew Evil by J.F. Benedetto
For Every Action by Susan Urbanek Linville
Exhibit 628 by Henry Tjernlund
Coffee, Tea and Persia by Ann Cecil
He Lifted His Voice to Sing by Judith A. Friedl
Computer Games by Alan Irvine
Metal and Sweat by Freddie Silva, Jr.
The Voices of Eternity by John H. Branch
Building Codes by Wen Spencer
The Devil is in the Details by Lynn Hawker
The Mind’s I by Karen Yun-Lutz

This anthology is a compilation of stories featuring the talent of people associated with Parsec, a Pittsburgh-based science fiction literary organization. The publication date coincides with the local science fiction conference, Confluence, which is a program under the Parsec inc. 501(c)(3) organization.

Once again, we are lucky enough to have a short story by Wen Spencer. Her story will strike a chord with anyone who has restored a house. See Wen’s bio for a peek into this story’s origins.

Also included in this volume is the third place winner from the Parsec Short Story Contest, “Metal and Sweat”.

In this issue we have two takes on the devil, a disturbing look at one possible future for our legal system, an entertaining supposition on why the Red Sox finally won the World Series, and an ironic look at the future of warfare hosted by Windows. We have a dark trip through the mind of someone with multiple personalities, a budding writer willing to do anything to succeed, and a peek into a career move in a world with no babies.

We have a burning baseball, a zombie in a business suit, a killer library, and a novel way to strip lead paint. We also have a lonely computer, long trips gone bad and time dilation. Oh, and don’t forget the ghost dyke ship!