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Triangulation 2012: Morning After

Triangulation: Morning After is available to purchase!

Published: 2012
Editor: Stephen V. Ramey (print edition)
Kindle Edition: Jamie Lackey
Cover Art: Susan Urbanik Linville

Triangulation: Morning After is the 2012 edition of PARSEC Ink’s internationally acclaimed anthology featuring 24 original short stories from up and coming authors in speculative fiction. What will your Morning After bring? Metamorphosis? A daunting moonwalk? Un-death? An end to eternal night? How about a squirrel in your shower, Jesus in the lobby, a meeting with Mr. Higgs? Green grass, a child of prophecy, Cthulu in your backyard, a menagerie of beasts, a sacred drum? It’s all here, and more, in this thoughtful, touching, entertaining collection of 24 original short stories by today’s up and coming writers. The long night since Last Contact is over, friends. Join us for the Morning After.

Featuring Stories by:

How the Caterpillar Cheated Death H.M. McInnes. “They waited as their names crept up the queue, as the Zenai movement gained strength in the city, as the anti-aristocracy and anti-magician rhetoric grew stronger.”

The Blue of Distance Erich William Bergmeier. “He remembered the explosion, the rush to the escape pods.”

Scar Tissue Wings Aaron Polson. “Melvin Haake is seven months undead.”

After the Pipers Camille Alexa. “Harley and me been looking for pretties all day what to put at the feet of him Man-man statue.”

Nocte Finem Henry Tjernlund. “‘Warm night draws to its inevitable end,’ Samantha said.”

A Late Wind Tami Harris. “She was to practice wearing the comb while mother taught her to bake, or sew, ot the finer arts of being a wife.”

The Zombie Reader Bruce Memblatt. “Jersey Summers finished reading his one-hundred-and-forty-ninth zombie novel.”

After-spin Kylie Bullivant. “The first time I spun was when Joanna dumped me.”

The Slap of the Plow Gordon A. Graves. “The motor roared as “Big Bill” Nud pressed the throttle to the floor boards.”

While She Sleeps, Mountains Tremble Milo James Fowler. “The sleeping child looked as much like an angel as anyone could.”

Orbium Kalisa Lessnau. “It was the lack of bacon that told Kirst something was wrong.”

Colliding Alex Gorman. “It wasn’t that the fat man was attractive. Alice wasn’t really into heavier men.”

The Beast Jacques Barberi. “Lying directly on the floor, a huge mattress covered with red silk sheets dominated the room. The blood red nest of a giant.”

That Goldurned Hole Gary Cuba. “That goldurned hole opened itself up last week, out in the fallow field next to our farmhouse.”

Nyabinghi’s Sacred Drum Susan Urbanek Linville. “The eye never forgets what the eye has seen, they say.”

Protection from Darkness Jamie Lackey. “Tommy found Scraps at the bottom of a pile of frozen kittens.”

The House, the Garden, the Occupants Amanda C. Davis. “This is Anne, with shreds of her gown wisping away like the edges of clouds, at the elbow of the grand staircase where the iron-framed window overlooks a patch of garden entombed in briars.”

Lilith Madhvi Ramani. “They rolled beneath the Tree of Life, dust rising around them.”

Course Correction Kenneth B. Chiacchia. “When an ex-boyfriend aims the equivalent of a 20-megaton bomb at an inhabited colony, it gets your attention.”

The Passing-Bell Lydia S. Gray. “She slashed through a finishing stroke designed to sever the cord binding her to her bloody past. From this moment, she was newborn.”

What Now, Callisthenes Christine Lucas. “And I, less than a man but more than a shadow, float in your hurried wake through dark alleys to the witch’s door.”

The Blue Testament Marshall Payne. “Our Lord’s vehicle has torn the revolving door from its hinges and spread shattered glass to the hotel’s registration desk.”

All Unlooked For Nathaniel Lee. “‘Oh, hi,’ said the squirrel in the bathroom sink.”

The Third Portal DeAnna Knippling (First Place in the 2012 short story contest). “It’s not supposed to snow here, not here, not July, but that’s the third portal for you.”