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Triangulation 2010: End of the Rainbow

Triangulation: End of the Rainbow is available to purchase!

Published: July 2010
Editor: Bill Moran
Assistant Editors: Jamie Lackey, Deanna Hardin, Steve Ramey, Joseph Benedetto
Layout: Jamie Lackey
Cover Art: Vincent Chong

Triangulation: End of the Rainbow is the 2010 edition of PARSEC Ink’s internationally acclaimed science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthology series, featuring nineteen short stories from award-winning pros like Peter S. Beagle, Eugie Foster,and Cat Rambo, plus a selection of up and coming authors. What will you find at the end of the rainbow? A Hawaiian princess? A French widow in a magical house? An imaginary friend? Transcendence? Hell? Within these pages, you’ll find all this, and more.

This whole volume is equal to any typical issue of your favorite prozine, and will reward your investment.” Paul Di Filippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction, on Triangulation: End of Time

Featuring Stories by:

The Rainbow Vendor David Sklar
Making Friends Kylie Bullivant
Tourist Trap Mark Onspaugh
A Test of Spirit Brenta Blevins
David is Six Amanda C. Davis
The Stickball Witch Peter S. Beagle
Messiah M.Z. Hoosen
The House at the End of the Rainbow Amy Treadwell
A Womb of My Own Tinatsu Wallace
The Meaning of Yellow Cate Gardner
Talking Blues Matthew Johnson
Spirit House Ron Sering
A Patch of Jewels in the Sky Eugie Foster
Haole D.K. Thompson
The World in Rubber, Soft and Malleable Aaron Polson
The New Elementals Marshall Payne
Commander Perry’s Mystic Wonders Show Jaime Lee Moyer
In Lixus, Close to Walking Erin Hoffman
In Order to Conserve Cat Rambo

“PARSEC Ink’s annual sci-fi/fantasy anthology uses what initially appears to be a cheerful theme to unite a number of varied and unlikely short stories. I’m at a loss as to how I haven’t heard about the yearly series until now. “ Eat Your Books

“Literary magazines have never made very much money. I understand it’s a hard business with few rewards. But I just can’t stand to think anyone who’s participated in the creation of this book would believe they’ve failed when they’ve obviously succeeded so very well.” Eat Your Books

“After reading such an impressive collection of stories, Editor Bill Moran’s afterword comes off as particularly bittersweet. Each Triangulation is clearly a labor of love, and heavy labor at that. One can only appreciate the care expressed not only for the anthology, but quality fiction as a whole, when too much of today’s audience seems to have forgotten how to appreciate it.” Patrick Rutigliano, Shroud Magazine

“Overall, I think Triangulation: End of the Rainbow is one of the better collections available. There are some wonderful stories contained within it, and most are higher than average quality.” Jo-Anne Odell, Tangent Online

“I do support its editor, Bill Moran, that there should be more short form fiction out there. After all, there’s enough outlets if you also consider the Net, and that there’s far too much distraction. Perhaps reading this book will encourage more of you to write.” Geoff Willmetts, SF Crowsnest

“This anthology crept up on me. It wasn’t until I closed the back cover that I realized how much I enjoyed it. The “End of the Rainbow” theme does pull this anthology together and what’s best is looking back to make that connection. While some stories resonated more than others, when I went to list those worth special mention, they were more than half. And that is the true test of a collection.” Innsmouth Free Press