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Triangulation 2023: Seven Day Weekend

Triangulation: Seven Day Weekend is available to purchase!

Humanity craves efficiency, subconsciously forming habits to make each portion of our day more comfortable, allowing us the time and ability to expand our horizons. From Neanderthals learning migration patterns for hunting food to coding scripts for streamlining processes to the dream of roads filled with fully autonomous vehicles, we push boundaries to make our lives easier. What does the world look like when jobs are automated to the point that the labor force is nonexistent? What happens when our lives become as easy as they can be?

Published: 2023
Editor: Greg Clumpner
Assistant Editor: Amabilis O’Hara
Editor Emeritus: Diane Turnshek
Editorial staff: Jessica Thrower, Isaac Payne, Mishaal Hussain, Ashley Bao, Chloe Nightingale, Chantel Thibodeaux, Brent Winzek
Cover Art: LJ “Null” Osborne
Cover Design: Karen Yun-Lutz (Manageable Media)
Layout: Greg Clumpner
Print length: 247 pages
Paperback: $17.00 and Kindle edition: $4.99

Featuring stories by these authors:

Edward Barnfield, Vincent Baverso, Robert Blumenstein, Derek Des Anges, CB Droege, Louis Evans, Angelique Fawns, C. Flynt, Joshua Gage, Simone Gerber, Asha Jade Goodwin, Herb Kauderer,
Kendall Krantz, Jamie Lackey, R.J.K. Lee, Mary Soon Lee, Gerri Leen, Andrew Leonard, Tom Marcinko, Aster Marsh, Fiona Moore, Rajiv Moté, Christopher R. Muscato, Kurt Newton, Isaac E. Payne, Jennifer R. Povey, Susan Kaye Quinn, Nnadi Samuel, Richard A Shury, Bella Stone, Cory Swanson, Lisa Timpf, Francis Verelle, Tristan Weaver, Hazel Zorn, David Lee Zweifler.

Top reviews from the US

Barbara Traverso

5.0 out of 5 stars Automation! Cool and relevant topic to read about!

Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2023

Verified Purchase

The stories are easy to read and really drew me in. The book’s theme is about how automation changes lives, sometimes for the better, and sometimes we have to fight against it to survive. The science fiction and fantasy anthology really gave me pause to think about our future world in a whole new way! Loved it.