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Triangulation 2022: Energy

Triangulation: Energy is available to purchase!

Triangulation: Energy is the 19th volume of the Triangulation anthology series. The theme is sustainable energy: can we find a way to keep up with—or exceed—our present and future energy consumption levels while keeping our space livable? Or must we lower our expectations and live with less?

Published: 2022
Editors: John Thompson & Storm Walden
Assistant Editor:
Editor Emeritus: Diane Turnshek
Editorial staff:
Cover & interior Art: Katerina Kireeva
Layout & Cover Design: Katerina Kireeva
Paperback: $17.00 and Kindle edition: $2.99
Four Poems from Triangulation: Habitats Nominated for the 2021 Rhysling Award!

Featuring stories by these authors:

Derek Des Anges, John M. Campbell, Robert Dawson, Rosaline V. Eisen, Glen Engel-Cox, Timons Esaias, Rafael Diaz Gaztelu, Z. R. Gibraltar, James R. Hardin, Chris Hewitt, Liam Hogan, Ai Jiang, J. R. Johnson, Jamie Lackey, John C. Mannone, Eve Morton, Jack Morton, Chris Moss, Katherine Quevedo, Samuel Wesley Reinert, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Cory Swanson, and Jean-Louis Trudel.


Barbara Traverso 5.0 out of 5 stars 
What the world needs right now!

This book is exactly what the world needs right now! This collection of fascinating stories will get people thinking about how we can find ways to keep up with our ever evolving need for energy. The first story drew me in!