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Triangulation 2008: Taking Flight

Triangulation: Taking Flight is available to purchase!

Published: July 2008
Editor: Peter Butler
Assistant Editors: Joseph Benedetto, Jamie Lackey, Bill Moran
Cover Layout: Kira Heston
Cover Art: Vincent Chong

Rockets funded by bake sales! Zeppelins filled with Nazis! Were-crows! Magic carpets trying to take flight! Ghostly jetliners trying to land! The newest edition of PARSEC Ink’s Triangulation anthology takes to the sky with twenty short stories from established pros and new writers alike. So pick up a copy and read about balloon animals in existential crisis, postmen uninhibited by space or time, and the joy of seeing stars with a little help from a friend. Just watch out for the griffins.

Featuring stories by:

The Reap Assessors Reesa Brown
Guinea Amy Treadwell
Peacock Hour Elizabeth Barrette
Touchdown Katy Darby
Into the Air Rachel Swirsky
What Are the Odds? Paul Stefko
The Winner Gail Sosinsky Wickman
Seeing Stars Shanna Germain
The Face of the Waters Matthew Johnson
Stone Cold Jacob Edwards
Nine is Her Number Amy Treadwell
Nothing to Crow About Gerri Leen
Graveyard of the Cloud Gods David Seigler
Rush Hours Ian Creasey
Ex Libris Marc Vun Kannon
Before the Ink Is Even Dry Matt Betts
It Takes a Town Stephen V. Ramey
Post Lavie Tidhar
Dancing in Air Shweta Narayan
The Life and Times of Penguin Eugie Foster


“… within its pages there is something for everyone who enjoys reading speculative fiction.” —Brenton Tomlinson

“… there’s a very great deal here to be enjoyed and a handful of stories that are genuinely excellent.” —Martin McGrath, The Fix

“Like good wine … each story deserves to be savoured before going onto the next one. If you don’t, there’s a tendency for a little blurring, mostly because there isn’t a bad story in this collection.” —Geoff Willmetts,

“… there should be something here for just about everybody.” (8/10 rating) —Charles Packer, Sci-FI Online

“Editor Pete Butler and the team at PARSEC Ink have done a commendable job of gathering a wide assortment of enjoyable tales. The tome contains a pleasant mixture of published pros and first-time authors. While the book is worth the asking price, its only drawback is it leaves readers wanting just a little bit more … maybe twenty-five stories for next year’s edition.” —Kyle White, The Harrow