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Triangulation 2021: Habitats

Triangulation: Habitats is available to purchase!

Published: 2021
Editors: John Thompson, Diane Turnshek, and Dr. Herb Kauderer
Assistant Editor: Storm Waldon
Editor Emeritus: Isaac Payne
Editorial staff: Ashley Bao, Sage Cho, Shamika Dhuri, Jacques Ealy,
Shweta Gudapati, Mishaal Hussain, Krishna Kumar, Katharine Lee,
Maggie Liu, Kady Lohr, Mord McGhee, Chloe Nightingale, Shaelyn
Parker, Emma Ryan, Hwankyu Song, Matthew Turnshek, Di Wu, Sean
Yuan, Siqi Zeng
Cover Art: Katherine Kireeva
Layout & Cover Design: John Thompson
Paperback: $17.00 and Kindle edition: $4.99

Triangulation: Habitats contains 35 stories and poems from around the world that explore the theme of sustainable habitats in tune with their surroundings. Our authors have created compelling narratives driven by characters required to make hard choices in settings that push the boundaries of imagination.

A man learns where he draws the line when it comes to living sustainably. Generations discover the human cost of leapfrogging through the solar system. A woman seeks a ghostly experience at an Eco Lodge. Three people learn the difference between a home and a homestead on an asteroid. A woman lives in a treehouse designed by aliens as she nurtures both a prenatal human and a sapling house. A three-hundred-year-old house dreams of its former occupants. Includes the Theodore Sturgeon reprint, Prutzy’s Pot.

Triangulation: Habitats is available as a trade paperback and a Kindle Ebook at Amazon.

Featuring stories by these authors:

Chris Hewitt, Jameyanne Fuller, Liam Hogan, Katherine Quevedo, Cayce Osborne, Octavia Cade, Andy K. Tytler, A’liya Spinner, Maura Lydon, Salinda Tyson, Brett Kozlowski, Jennifer R. Povey, Raluca Balasa, Jamie Lackey, Jennifer Hudak, Kurt Newton, Rhian Bowley, Oliver Smith, Lisa Timpf, John C. Mannone, Sandra Kasturi, Robert Borski, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Julie Bloss Kelsey, Sandra Lindow, Theodore Sturgeon, CTN Von Mayendorf, D. G. P. Rector, Greg Clumpner, Jean Martin, Lynne Goldsmith, Nora Swisher, R. Locke, Tamara Power-Drutis, Tom Marcinko