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Mission & Programs

Parsec is a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting science fiction, fantasy and horror in literature, media and music since 1984.


It is the mission of Parsec “to promote awareness of the richness of speculative fiction as literature, art and music; further general education in the sciences and arts, support contributions–both scientific and artistic–to society and to espouse the enjoyment of speculative fiction as literature, art and music with others.”

PARSEC Inc., Board of Directors

Kevin M. Hayes (President / Representative for the Conference program committee)
John Thompson (Vice President / Representative for the Publishing program committee)
Open position (Secretary)
Karen Yun-Lutz (Treasurer & Secretary Pro Tem)
Scot Noel (Member at Large. Representative for the Monthly Meetings program committee)
Alfred (AJ) Smith (Member at Large)
Kathryn Smith (Member at Large)
Diane Turnshek (Executive Director)
Larisa VanWinkle (Corporate Bookkeeper)

PARSEC Inc., has four standing committees with active programs:

Program committee (Monthly Meetings) officers:
Scot and Jane Noel: (Co-Chairpersons)
Karen Yun-Lutz (Vice-Chair)
William Hall (Secretary)
Kevin M. Hayes (Commentator / Sigma editor)

Conference committee (Confluence) officers:
Kevin M. Hayes (Chairperson)
Mark Stewart (Treasurer)

Publishing committee (Parsec Ink/Triangulation) officers:
Diane Turnshek (Chairperson/Editor Emeritus)
John Thompson (Treasurer/Editor Emeritus)
Storm Walden (Editor Emeritus)
Greg Clumpner (Editor)

Workshop committee:  
The Write or Die, writing and critique group joined Parsec in 2023 as the official workshop committee.
Diane Turnshek
Karen Yun-Lutz
We are in the process of building this committee. If you are interested in helping build the committee, please feel free to contact us. 

Short Story Contest coordinator:
Alfred (AJ) Smith