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Triangulation 2018: Harmony & Dissonance

Editors: Douglas Gwilym & Frank Oreto
Junior Editor: Chloe Nightingale
Cover Art: Debra Tomson Williams

Parsec Ink is proud to announce its 14th collection of short stories. Triangulation: Harmony & Dissonance is 21 short stories from around the world that explore this musical theme from every direction in the Speculative Multiverse–fantasy, science fiction, horror, the weird, and all points between. Let this mixtape of the imagination take you into the sway of songs of healing and songs of destruction, to a war-torn world where harmony is found in a melody shared by strangers, to an island of living instruments pining for a hand to play them, and to Earth, where a Martian virtuoso discovers that when music is diplomacy, atmosphere is as important as talent.

Featuring stories by:

Martian Raga by Philip Trippenbach & Blake Jessop
Soulmate’s Song by Christina “DZA” Marie 
A Song Like Laughter by Jamie Lackey
The Worms Will Dance by Dale Carothers
F Sharp 4 by Tim Pieraccini
An Ink-Filled Song by Tamoha Sengupta
Butterfly by Nathan Susnik
Heartstrings by Ian Rennie
Robin, The Ass, and Danny23 by Matthew Schickele
The Glass Children by Karen Heuler
Lucky Morris & his Diminished Fifth by Michael Colangelo
The Song of the Whistling Crab by Michael McGlade
By Yentevra by J.T. Nilson
The Musicologists by Cory Swanson
The Muted by Daniel Brock
Paying the Piper by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Elinor Littlebranch, Icarian Shredmaster by K. Sullivan
Beanstalk & the Jack by Andrea Bradley
Dissonance by Arvin Gupta
Jello Elvis by Ken MacGregor


“I loved the first book of this series [Appetites], so I had high hopes for the stories in this newest edition. I wasn’t disappointed! A must for people who enjoy short fiction with an otherworldly feel.” –Catherine Howland

“I greatly enjoyed last year’s Triangulation: Appetites and truly appreciated the love and care that went into each story’s writing and editing. This year is, unsurprisingly, equally excellent! Keep bringing on the wonderful work!” –Amazon customer

“This is one of the best and most disturbing (in a good way) collections of short stories that I’ve read in a long time. Incredible, the gut punch many of them pack. Love the unifying theme off of which each author riffs. Well done!” –Michaela