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Triangulation: 2004

A Confluence of Speculative Fiction

Editor: Barbara Carlson
ISBN: 9780974323114, 097432311X
Page count: 147
Published: July 2004
Format: Paperback
Publisher: PARSEC Ink


The Space Race by J. F. Benedetto, Jr.
Another Man’s Meat by Wen Spencer
Well Met by Moonlight by Judith A. Friedl
Infrared/Aware by Susan Urbanek Linville
The Down Elevator by Dorothy Stone
A Question of Belief by John H. Branch
Hard Port, Easy Money by Anders Brink
Merlin and Vivian–Monologues in the Whitethorn Bower by Lynn Hawker
The Gray War by Larry Ivkovich
Hart Port by Henry Tjernlund
Alpha and Omega by G. N. Shannon
Chasers by Scott W. Baker
(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Kevin Hayes
From the Ashes by Margaret McGaffrey Fisk

This is the second issue of Triangulation — a compilation of stories featuring the talent of people associated with Parsec, a Pittsburgh-based science fiction literary organization. The publication date coincides with the local science fiction conference, Confluence, which is hosted by Parsec.

In this issue we have another story from Wen Spencer, a long-time Parsec member. This story gives you a possible futuristic view of what it means to be civilized. I found it thought-provoking and disturbing. It’s in Wen’s usual easy-to-read style that sucks you right into the character’s mind.

Speaking of minds, “The Down Elevator” is a disturbing trip into the dark recesses of a mouse-infested mind. This story pushes the envelope just a tad and deals with a couple uncomfortable issues.

We have a footrace on the moon, tiny ships racing to refuel big ships, a big ship that ran out of fuel, and war maneuvers on an alien planet. We have very hard liquor, how to win at roulette, a modern-day Cassandra, and a latter-day Walter Mitty. We have an alien invasion, discovery of a new life form, and a piece on a possible future on the War on Drugs. And don’t forget tasting sand. We have that, too.

The tone is varied, ranging from thoughtful and introspective to fast-paced.