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Triangulation: 2003

A Confluence of Speculative Fiction

Published: July 2003
Editor: Diane Turnshek
Cover Art, Layout and Front Page Design: Michael Ninehouser
Publisher: PARSEC Ink, 2003
ISBN: 0974323101, 9780974323107
Length: 144 pages


Dad on the Moon Rebecca Carmi
Dangermoon by Kevin Hayes
Dead Men Do Tell Tales by Alan Irvine
Trusting Midnight by G. N. Shannon
Wishing Bridge by Ann Cecil
Grounded by Michail Velichansky
The Creature Struts Among Us by John A. Frochio
Errors by Lawrence C. Connolly
Reading the Cards by Genevra Littlejohn
The Last K by Timons Esaias
Passing On by Laurie D. T. Mann
Merchandising Rights by Christina Schulman
What Debt is Due? by Anders Brink
Troll by Judith Friedl
Do I Not Bleed? by Eric Leif Davin
Chump Change by Pete Butler
Battlefield by Brendan Hykes
Two for One by L. K. Farrar
Aldo of Lepton by Dan Bloch
Shellshock by Thomas Raflaski
The Golden Harp’s Lament by Kassandra Siegel
Young Robots in Love by Wen Spencer
Shadow Chasing by John Branch
The Changelings by Rachel Ross 


You hold in your hands a book based upon the concept that people residing in one area of the planet Earth can be intrinsically talented at writing science fiction, fantasy and horror. Who’d buy a book based on the author’s zip code? Someone who wanted original stories full of zing and depth, who seeks the final answer, and is dying to know what’s behind the curtain. What danger lurks in the heart of women during the full moon? Where is the Eighth Street Bridge? Why is the Golden Harp crying? Who’d turn down an easy million? What do Pirates do in the off-season? And, most of all, where can I get fishnet stockings like that? 

Welcome to PARSEC Publishing, the newest venture of PARSEC, Pittsburgh’s science fiction and fantasy association (incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania). A new, original genre anthology is planned for release each summer. PARSEC holds meetings open to the public every month, usually at the Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie Library. Since the 80’s, authors, editors, scientists, musicians, poets and gamers have given talks about their connection to and interest in the genre. Two stories in this volume are from students of the 2002 Alpha SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers, another PARSEC endeavor. You’ll see most of the Triangulation authors at Confluence, Pittsburgh’s yearly literary conference.

PARSEC sponsors a no-fee, genre short story contest with cash prizes and set themes; this past year’s theme was “The Alien Wore Fishnet Stockings.” Hundreds of contest submissions have been received from around the world. Some of the highest-ranked entries have been included in this volume; all the other Triangulation stories came from card-carrying PARSEC members. Next year’s contest theme is “Hard Port.”


Diane Turnshek
July 8, 2003