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Triangulation 2011: Last Contact

Triangulation: Last Contact is available to purchase!

Published: 2011
Editors: Steve Ramey and Jamie Lackey
Assistant Editors: Sue Linville, Nick Tchan, Paul Stefko
Layout: Jamie Lackey and Steve Ramey
Cover Art: Susan Urbanek Linville

Within these pages, you’ll discover the dust of Martian civilization, Rumpelstiltskin’s true face, Roanoke’s fate, and much, much more. From marmots with computer problems to boll weevils on steroids, from mermaids to cyborgs. You want an endless party? No problem. How about a perfect dewdrop or a Saudi superhero? Lepers defending Jerusalem? Has your love interest eaten a pharaoh? You’ll find it all in this impressive collection. 250 pages of speculative fiction!

Featuring Stories by:

Claw of the Western Paradise Gwendolyn Clare
The Good Daughter Aaron Polson
Ghost Horses and Dream Dogs Shanna Germain
The Gold in the Straw Amanda C. Davis
The Bright Air That Breaths No Pain Eric Schaller
Boll Weevil Nathaniel Lee
The Customs Shed John Walters
Ezekiel Desmond Warzel
Ocean Daughters Jaime Lee Moyer
City of Bones Deborah Walker
In Ruins J.M. Odell
In the Shadow of God, There is Fire Sandra M. Odell
Lord God Bird Sarah Frost
Norms Cynthia Ward
To Rule, Do Nothing T.F. Davenport
Zafir, the Saudi Superhero Madhvi Ramani
Twilight’s Last Gleaming H.L. Fullerton
A Lack of Charity James Beamon
To Give the Perfect Dewdrop Dawn Lloyd
The Party Christopher Nadeau
The Reel H.M. Tnazen
The Last Cyborg M. Yang
A Feast of Kings David Sklar
The Charnel Pit Stephen Gaskell
God in the Machine Charles Patrick Brownson
Seedling Eric Zivovic
The Loss of Pain Amy Treadwell
Mikeys Robert J. Sawyer

“Triangulation is a series of loose-themed sf/fantasy anthologies put out in conjunction with the Confluence SF convention in Pittsburgh. This year’s edition uses the theme of “Last Contact,” and leaves it up to the writer to determine what “last contact” means. The result is a first-class anthology of 27 original stories (and one reprint) that will please any reader of speculative fiction.”
Tangent Online, Chuck Rothman

Last Contact has SEVEN stories on Tangent Online’s Recommended Reading for 2011 list.