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Triangulation 2016: Beneath the Surface

Triangulation: Beneath the Surface is available to Purchase!

Published 2016
Editor: Jamie Lackey
Production Editor: Barbara Carlson
Assistant Editors: Kathryn Board, Jon Carroll ThomasFrank OretoDouglas GwilymLaine Wooliscroft
Cover Art: Benjamin Hitmar

What lurks beneath the surface? Is it oil formed from the corpse of an ancient horror? A lonely mermaid, or a selkie with a stolen skin? Or is it an android’s feeling, but mechanical heart? Within these pages, you’ll find angels and monsters, revenants and a fish with teeth, and aliens, both fearsome and friendly. Delve into the depths with us.

Featuring stories by: Mary J Daley > John Linwood Grant > Joann Oh > Victoria Dalpe > Sandra M. Odell > Manny Frishberg > Chris Kuriata > Gerri Leen > H.L. Fullerton > Gunnar De Winter > Karen Bovenmeyer > Lisa Lepovtesky > Holly Schofield > K.G. Anderson > Dale Carothers > James Van Pelt > David Sklar > Jennifer Hykes