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Triangulation 2014: Parch

Triangulation: Parch is available to purchase!

Published: 2014
Editor: Stephen V. Ramey
Assistant Editor: Sue Linville
Layout: Stephen V. Ramey
Cover Art: Susan Urbanek Linville

What do you thirst for? A patchwork god? A new libido? Alien intervention? Noah after the flood? Vegan dinosaur? A fine wine and poison cellar? A straw mother? Evolution? a magic mask? Duplicated brothers? It’s all here, and more, in this strong collection of 20 original short stories by today’s up and coming writers. Triangulation: Parch is the 2014 edition of PARSEC Ink’s internationally acclaimed anthology series.


A Prayer at Noon by John M. Shade
Koan by Jacob Edwards
Passages by Jacques Barberi, translated from French by Michael Shreve
Noah by Madhvi Ramani
Dust Storms by Chuck Rothman
Vegan by Diane Turnshek
Dream Warriors: Ramayan Redux by Rochelle Potkar
The Well by Kenneth B. Chiacchia
Floorboards by Christopher Nadeau
A Fine Selection of Wines and Poisons by John A. Frochio
The Straw-Mother by Jamie Lackey
Smitten by Tinatsu Wallace
Parched in Purnulululu (A Phantasmagorical Piece in Three Emergences and Resonances) by Jetse de Vries
Bitter Water by Julia August
Mask of Sleep by Tantra Bensko
The Hope of a Thirsty Planet by Kaitlin McCloughan
Before Bastrop by Michael Collins
Shuttle Season by Jen White
A Long-Forgotten Memory by Elizabeth Spencer 
The Way We Were by Fruma Klass