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New children’s book by Parsec member

Book release: Quest for Sleeping Handsome (children’s book, ages 8-18)

Written by Clarita Hagans and Parsec member Henry T. Lund (but you know him as Henry Tjernlund)

For Ursune, a young shepherdess from the High Mountain, no challenge is too great. So when the Red Kingdom is in danger of falling into the hands of the neighboring Forest Kingdom, she is eager to join the contest for the Questers. With the help of some unlikely companions: a talking blue sheep, a handsome knight-in-training lad, a love-struck apprentice astronomer, and a famous martial arts dance star, they have to find the missing sleeping Prince Handsome before it is too late. Of course the quest will not be easy for them when they have magical monsters, thieves, and an evil enchantress chasing after them. Can they find the prince in time? And will they be able to wake him up with a kiss?