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Parsec Meeting 2021/04/17

The Parsec meeting this month will focus on eighteen years of Parsec Ink’s Triangulation anthology!

Zoom registration is required! Please register [HERE]

Our featured speaker is Jamie Lackey, author of The Blood of four Gods and Other Stories, Left Hand Gods, and Moving Forward, a novella of life after zombies.
Jamie will be regaling us with readings from the anthologies that she produced during her years as the Parsec Ink Triangulation editor.

Find out more about Jamie Lackey by visiting her website:
or LIKE her FB page:

Parsec Ink has been producing quality Triangulation anthologies since 2003. Many fine editors have been part of this ongoing production, including; Diane Turnshek, Barb Carlson, Pete Butler, Bill Moran, Steve Ramey, Jamie Lackey, Frank Oreto, Douglas Gwilym, Chloe Nightingale, Isaac Payne and now in 2021, John Thompson.

We hope you will join us this month to celebrate the hard work of all the editors and eighteen years of Parsec Ink Triangulation anthologies!

This meeting will be recorded.