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New eBooks by Parsec members

Christie Meierz and Jean Martin have had stories published in Zombieied Reloaded and These Vampires Still Don’t Sparkle

New Horror Short from Christie Meierz

Zombie bookParsec member Christie Meierz’ first published horror short story is in the new anthology, Zombiefied Reloaded: The Search for More Brains from Sky Warrior Books, which was released on October 18.

She is in the middle of a four book space opera/SF romance contract with Sky Warrior, but this is her first anthologized story.

Story by Jean Martin in “These Vampires Still Don’t Sparkle”

Don't sparkleMy story, “Miss Transylvania” has been published in the eBook, These Vampires Still Don’t Sparkle. I am absurdly pleased with myself. The story is set at Transylvania University, where I was a student for 2 years.

No, the classes are not all held at night. I did not major in Vampirology, hematology, or mortuary science. There was no one on the faculty named Dracula, and I did not turn myself into a bat and fly there. But if anyone can come up with a Transylvania joke I haven’t heard, I’ll donate $5 to the Ann Cecil Memorial Fund. So, get creative.