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Introducing Triangulation: Habitats!

Parsec Ink’s 2021 SF/F/H anthology is due for publication at the end of July. This year we are including twenty-two original stories, eleven poems and one reprint, Pruzy’s Pot, by Theodore Sturgeon.

The Parsec Ink editor position is part of an educational program through the 501(c)(3) organization, Parsec Inc.
Our editors and editorial staff carefully read through hundreds of submissions and choose the well written stories that best capture the anthology’s theme. Other skills obtained during the term are, editing, book design, obtaining cover art, using ISBN numbers and online print and ebook publishing. Just this past week, our 2021 editor, John Thompson has learned how to create a fundraising campaign.

You can help make a difference in an aspiring author’s life. Even a small donation can go a long way to making this anthology a reality.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

This anthology relies on contributions from people like YOU!
Claim your perk before August 3, 2021

This year, we have four local Pittsburgh, PA authors that have had their stories accepted in the anthology:
Jamie Lackey hits another home run with a story of habitat symbiosis. Comfortably living inside your house takes on a whole different meaning when your house is alive.
CMU grad and WorD member CTN Von Mayendorf coined a term that I hope takes off — “Habitopiary,” noun, a home grown out of vegetation.
Jean Martin supposes a future that harkens back to the past — the romantic notion of living like gypsies, but solarized.
WorD member and C’monfluence behind-the-scenes genius Greg Clumpner wants deforestation and habitat destruction to not include the faerie realm — how can we all cohabitate?

Other authors with connections to our region:
Dr. Nora Swisher is also a CMU graduate, Jameyanne Fuller is an Alpha graduate, and poet Sandra Kasturi was deeply involved in fandom in Pittsburgh when she lived here.

Triangulation: Habitats will feature the very first short story publications of several new authors! Congratulations are due! Discovering new authors is always a joy for an editor. We can’t wait for you to read the stories by our new authors!

Finding clever writing by someone who’s work they haven’t come across before is always a nice surprise! Octavia Cade, one of our Habitats authors writes, “I’ve previously sold over 50 stories to markets including Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, and Strange Horizons.” I’ll be looking out for that name in the future.

Our cover art this year will be by CMU grad Katerina Kireeva, who created the cover for Triangulation: Extinction
Want a first peek at the Habitats cover art?
Follow the fundraiser to watch for the exciting reveal!