These directions are from 2016. We don’t expect changes, but it would be best to check back shortly before the con to make sure. Sometimes buses change routes, etc.

By bus from downtown Pittsburgh:

Take the 28X Airport Flyer to the airport, then use the complimentary hotel airport shuttle. Consult the Port Authority Transit page for more information on the 28X Airport Flyer. Hotel shuttle schedule can be found here: Parking and Transportation.

Driving directions:

Due to the possibility of construction and traffic, it would be best to consult 511PA right before you leave. To see the Pittsburgh area, in the “ZOOM TO” box on the top left, choose “Southwestern Region (Pittsburgh)”.

GoogleMaps usually does a good job of getting you there in the Pittsburgh area.

The hotel offers customized driving directions here: Driving Directions.

Hints for a more pleasant drive:

If you are arriving Friday evening, Pittsburgh rush hour is usually 4 – 7 pm. Try to avoid areas close to downtown Pittsburgh during those times. The sections of I-376 and I-279 within the downtown area are particularly congested. If you click on Pittsburgh on GoogleMaps, it will zoom in and show the outline of Pittsburgh city limits. Any major road within that area is going to be backed up during rush hour.

Either plan your arrival to hit downtown Pittsburgh before 4pm or stop and have something to eat and finish the drive around 7pm.


Parking is free if you are staying at the hotel, or attending Confluence. They have a $5 a day fee for people who leave their car at the hotel and leave for longer than a day.

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