CMU ProSEED/Crosswalk grant for YA Lecture Series

Great News! The CMU ProSEED/Crosswalk grant program has awarded $1,500 to Parsec’s Workshop Committee for the Young Adult Science Fiction Lecture Series. This is part of the award letter:

Thank you for submitting your proposal, “Young Adult Science Fiction Lecture Series,” to the ProSEED/Crosswalk grant program. The Crosswalk grant program received dozens
of applications for a wide range of projects with broad cross-community impact inside and outside of CMU.

Your proposal was well-received by the review committee. As a result, we are pleased to offer you $1,500 of ProSEED/Crosswalk Funds for your initiative, allocated at $500 for this summer, this fall, and next spring. We appreciate that this necessitates continued reliance on outside sources of funding, consistent with your excellent record of securing
that support to date. We are grateful for your leadership of this program, and for the service you are providing to the campus and larger community.

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