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Reference works from the September 12, 2015 Presentation

Some members asked me to list the books I used for reference at this month’s Parsec meeting presentation. The History of Science Fiction Part 1 – The Long View.

Marjorie Hope Nicholson
Voyages to the Moon
Science and Imagination
The Breaking of the Circle
Newton Demands the Muse
Mountain Gloom and Mountain Glory

Stephen Toulmin and June Goodfield
The Fabric of the Heavens
The Architecture of Matter
The Discovery of Time

Thomas S Kuhn
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

J.O. Bailey
Pilgrims Through Time and Space

Sam Moskowitz
Explorers of the Infinite

Scott L Montgomery
The Moon and Western Imagination

David Seed ed.

Robert Crossley
Imagining Mars

Brett M Rogers & Benjamn Eldon Stevens ed.
Classical Traditions in Science Fiction

Arthur B Evans ed.
Vintage Visions

James Gunn ed.
The Road to Science Fiction Vol 1

Faith K Vizor & T Allen Comp ed
The Man in the Moone and Other Lunar Fantasies

Ron Miller
Classics of Science Fiction
Bundle 1 through Bundle 8
Available at
Many of these works have not been available for years
I believe this series is only available digitally

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do
Thanks,  Joe Coluccio