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Mary Soon Lee published

There are eight new Mary Soon Lee poems available online.

  • Two about her grandparents, in the February issue of Uppagus: “In Dublin” and “In Malaya”
  • One is a King Xau poem that just appeared in the April issue of Uppagus: “Why the King Wept”. (Note that a poem set shortly before “Why the King Wept” and which provides the context for the poem is due to appear in Apex Magazine in August.)
  • Two were reprinted in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review: “Interregnum,” the opening poem about King Xau, first published in Star*Line and a poem about her father that first appeared in Uppagus: “Papa”.
  • Two are part of King Xau’s story: “Dread” in Mirror Dance and “The Wild Horses Came Hastening” in Silver Blade.
  • One is about her father: “Cans” in Uppagus.

Three poems from “Crowned” have been nominated for the 2016 Rhysling Award: “Dragonslayer,” “Training: Stances,” and “The Washerwoman’s Daughter.”

She has also had poems published the old-fashioned way, in print, in the Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Issue Two, and in Main Street Rag, Volume 21, Number 1, Winter 2016, and in Ship of Fools #74.