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Tag: Habitats

Triangulation: Habitats

Available Now!

Parsec Ink is proud to announce its 18th collection of short stories. Triangulation: Habitats contains 35 stories and poems from around the world that explore the theme of sustainable habitats in tune with their surroundings. Our authors have created compelling narratives driven by characters required to make hard choices in settings that push the boundaries of imagination. A man learns where he draws the line when it comes to living sustainably. Generations discover the human cost of leapfrogging through the solar system. A woman seeks a ghostly experience at an Eco Lodge. Three people learn the difference between a home and a homestead on an asteroid. A woman lives in a treehouse designed by aliens as she nurtures both a prenatal human and a sapling house. A three-hundred-year-old house dreams of its former occupants. Includes the Theodore Sturgeon reprint, Prutzy’s Pot.

Please join us in our explorations!

With These Authors and Stories:

Chris Hewitt, Anywhere but Elsewear

Jameyanne Fuller, Moon by Moon We Go Together

Liam Hogan, Parallel Rooms

Katherine Quevedo, Discount Night at the Haunted Eco Lodge

Cayce Osborne, Planting Trees

Octavia Cade, Metamorphosis

Andy K. Tytler, Leaf Glacier

A’liya Spinner, Homemaker

Maura Lydon, Desert Seeds

Salinda Tyson, House of Stone

Brett Kozlowski, Reduce, Repulse, Revile

Jennifer R. Povey, Homestead

Raluca Balasa, To My Grandson, From a Time in Which I Might Have Loved You

Jamie Lackey, The Voice of the Mother Whale

Jennifer Hudak, A Gardener Teaches His Son to Enrich the Soil and Plan for the Future

Kurt Newton, Tiny House

Rhian Bowley, SustainaCrock™

Oliver Smith, The Hoyle-Wickramasinghe Rose

Lisa Timpf, This Future At Least Has Cows

John C. Mannone, In Plain Sight

Sandra Kasturi, In The Future We Will Live In Broken Houses

Robert Borski, The Fauna of Lilliput

Juleigh Howard-Hobson, I am Already Tired of Earth.2

Julie Bloss Kelsey, untitled poem

Sandra Lindow, House Gravity Physics

Theodore Sturgeon, Pruzy’s Pot

CTN Von Mayendorf, Habitopiary

D. G. P. Rector, Mourn Each Blade of Grass

Greg Clumpner, Spritely Duty

Jean Martin, The Sun Makes the Van Go

Lynne Goldsmith, Crab Shells

Nora Swisher, The Bath

R Locke, Lineage

Tamara Power-Drutis, Ocera

Tom Marcinko Water, Striders