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Parsec meetings are held monthly at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill. Members and newcomers welcome! See our Calendar for future date info!
Note: This program or event is neither sponsored or endorsed by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie Library
5801 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa 15217
Room B – Next to the Rear Entrance 1:30 – 4:30 PM
The room is open at noon

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Peculiar Potluck Potpourri with Parts of Past Presentations Primed
for a Paradoxical Profusion of Painstaking, Pedantic, and
Popular Postulates Predicated on your Pleasure.

For four or more years I have been creating Keynote slideshow presentations, high on motion graphics and audio effects, for monthly Parsec meetings. They have all been heard only once by the members present. Each takes hours of thought, research, and preparation. I visit them once in a while on some backwater of my hard drive, dust them off, view them, and sigh.

Then there are the notions that are started and abandoned. Some are only notes and extracts of ideas. Portions of solitary information. Bits of fluff. Some make it to the onset of a slide show. Some only shake around in my noggin.

In November, post-Hallows Eve, second Saturday of the month, I will present a fractured glimpse of my presentations past, present, future, and a sighting of ideas never. Snippets from my mind, if you will. And even if you won’t.

Joe Coluccio
President – Parsec

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