This month @ Parsec

Parsec meetings are held monthly at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill. Members and newcomers welcome! See our Calendar for future date info!
Note: This program or event is neither sponsored or endorsed by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.


Saturday, September  9, 2017

More fun than Chilly Billy Theater.
Sexier than Terminal Stare.
More brutal than a Mexican Masked Wrestler Monster Movie,
and witness the world premiere of the movie Sergei Eisenstein would have made if he had been allowed to make War of the Worlds. A cast of thousands on the Odessa Steps, and a couple Martian Saucers possibly a couple of coffee, too.

Come on with!

Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie Library
5801 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa 15217
Room B – Next to the Rear Entrance 1:30 – 4:30 PM
The room is open at noon

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