Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Sharon Lee is an American science fiction, fantasy and mystery author who lives in Winslow, Maine since 1988. She is the co-author (with Steve Miller) of the Liaden universe novels and stories, as well as other works, and individually the author of two mystery novels.

Steve Miller is an American science fiction writer from Winslow, Maine, best known for his works set in the Liaden universe, written in collaboration with his wife Sharon Lee.

From Wikipedia: History of the series

The series is notable because it almost failed to take flight, and probably would only be three books long except for the Internet. The authors had written the first three books (Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem) but were told that sales were not sufficient to justify continuing.

Unbeknownst to them the books had caused such a stir on the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written that they were added to the group’s FAQ. Upon gaining Internet access, the authors were surprised to find so many people looking for the next book, and even more surprised that its title was already decided on: Plan B. They published some chapbooks to stave off the hungry fans and started writing: Plan B and a further three books followed in due course to complete the “Agent of Change” sequence. There are also a number of short stories, some filling in gaps between novels, some providing background on minor (and not so minor) characters.

The series is ongoing as of 2015, with seventeen novels and numerous chapbooks and short stories, and a number of new novels contracted to be written.

All the novels are available as ebooks.


The series is set at some unspecified time in the future. There is a reference to the planet named “Terra” not being the first planet to bear that name; however, the familiar names and cultural references in the core books (coupled with a lack of them in the “Crystal” books) suggest that it is “our” earth nonetheless. In the wake of a diaspora from a “decrystallizing” galaxy that was mankind’s prior home, the human race is divided into three major sub-races: Terran, Liaden and Yxtrang. (There are also numerous isolated colony planets that have backslid technologically and are held as protectorates until their civilizations regain enough advances to cope with extraplanetary contact.)

The original seven-book “Agent of Change” sequence tells of the struggle between Clan Korval, a Liaden Clan of much note, and the mysterious “Department of the Interior”. Though their headquarters on Liad were destroyed at the end of the original sequence, vestiges of the Department continue to plague Clan Korval in subsequent novels.

The eighth novel, Balance of Trade, is set 275 years prior to the end of the “Agent of Change” sequence. It features Jethri Gobelyn, a young Terran trader who is adopted by a Liaden Master Trader to the consternation of virtually everyone. A sequel to this popular book, Trade Secret, was published in 2013 and follows Jethri as he starts his career as a trader.

The ninth novel, Crystal Soldier, published in February 2005, takes place even earlier still: it is the first half of “The Great Migration Duology”, and tells the story of Cantra yos’Phelium, who piloted the original exodus to Liad, and her partner M Jela. The sequel, Crystal Dragon, was published in 2006 and takes the story up through the founding of Liad and of Clan Korval.

List of Books from Goodreads

Assorted chapbooks and story collections at the end of the list, after the omnibus editions.

Crystal Soldier (The Great Migration Duology, #1; Liaden Universe, #1)
Crystal Dragon (The Great Migration Duology, #2; Liaden Universe, #2)
Balance of Trade (Liaden Universe, #3)
Trade Secret (Liaden Universe, #4)
Local Custom (Liaden Universe, #5)
Scout’s Progress (Liaden Universe, #6)
Mouse and Dragon (Liaden Universe, #7)
Conflict of Honors (Liaden Universe, #8)
Agent of Change (Liaden Universe, #9)
Carpe Diem (Liaden Universe, #10)
Plan B (Liaden Universe, #11)
Fledgling (Theo Waitley, #1; Liaden Universe, #12)
I Dare (Liaden Universe, #13)
Saltation (Theo Waitley, #2; Liaden Universe, #14)
Ghost Ship (Theo Waitley, #3; Liaden Universe, #15)
Necessity’s Child (Liaden Universe #16)
Dragon Ship (Theo Waitley, #4; Liaden Universe, #17)
Dragon in Exile (Liaden Universe, #18)
Alliance of Equals (Liaden Universe, #19)
The Gathering Edge (Liaden Universe, #20)
The Tomorrow Log
The Crystal Variation (Liaden Universe, #1-3)
Pilots Choice (Liaden Universe, #5-6)
The Dragon Variation (Liaden Universe, #5-6,8)
Partners In Necessity (Liaden Universe, #8-10)
The Agent Gambit (Liaden Universe, #9-10)
Korval’s Game (Liaden Universe #11,13)
A Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume I
A Liaden Universe® Constellation: Volume Two
Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume III
Liaden Universe ® Companion [Volume One]
Liaden Universe® Companion [Volume Two]
Liaden Unibus I (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #1-6)
Liaden Unibus II (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #7-12)
Two Tales of Korval (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #1)
Fellow Travelers (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #2)
Duty Bound (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #3)
Certain Symmetry (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #4)
Trading in Futures (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #5)
The Cat’s Job
Changeling (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #6)
Loose Cannon (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #7)
Shadows and Shades (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #8)
Quiet Knives (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #9)
With Stars Underfoot (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #10)
Calamity’s Child
Necessary Evils (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #11)
Allies (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #12)
Dragon Tide (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #13)
Eidolon (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #14)
Misfits (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #15)
Halfling Moon (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #16)
Skyblaze (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #17)
Courier Run (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #18)
Legacy Systems (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #19)
Moon’s Honor
Technical Details
Sleeping with the Enemy (Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Book 22)

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