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Art show forms rev 083016Art Requirements & Procedures
  1. Original or limited edition, signed and numbered. Confluence does not have a Print Shop.
  2. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk or related genre themes. (We have a small “Adults Only” section.
  3. Matted or mounted in a way suitable for hanging or being displayed on a table.
  4. Space is available on a “first come, first served” basis.
  5. Agenting is permitted with signed letter of permission.
  6. Mail-in is permitted. Must be received by July 17 and include return postage and mailing address.
    1. Send mail-in art to:
      Joan Fisher
      809 Sleepy Hollow Rd
      Pittsburgh, PA 15234-2227
    2. Send inquiries to (remove nospam) or:
      Joan Fisher
      809 Sleepy Hollow Rd
      Pittsburgh, PA 15234-2227
Commissions, fees and sales
  1. The Art Show will collect a 10% commission on art sales.
  2. All “Not for sale” art has a $1 hanging fee
  3. There is no hanging fee otherwise.
  4. During the Art Show, any art available for sale having no bids may be purchased at the Quick Sale price
  5. Art with two or more bids will go to auction at 1pm Sunday.
  6. Art with only one bid at the end of the show (noon on Sunday) is sold to that bidder. Unclaimed art will be returned to artist.
  7. Payment will be mailed directly to the artist within a week after the convention. Payments will not be given to agents.
  8. Payment will be sent with returned art whenever possible.
Forms to download (pdf)

Art show forms

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