Art show explained

What is the art show?

The Art Show is a room where various artists display artwork with a science fiction, fantasy or horror theme. Most of the artwork is available for sale, but there might be a few pieces for display only. All artwork is suitable for viewing by all ages except for a very small section that is “adults only”.

Conference attendees are encouraged to browse through the art, place a bid or outright buy a piece (if it is available for Quick Sale). Art that has two or more bids will go to auction on Sunday at 1pm. The auction is open to anyone in attendance, so if you have a piece going to auction, it’s important that you (or a representative) attend.

How does bidding work?

Near the piece of artwork there will be a Bid Sheet showing the artist’s name, the title of the piece, the medium (for example: oil, watercolor, mixed media, etc.), a Minimum Bid, and a Quick Sale price. If there is no price in the Quick Sale spot, that means it is not available for instant purchase, but must be bid on. Under that are lines where people write in their name and bid.

If you want to be sure to get the piece, you may purchase it for the Quick Sale price (if offered). Otherwise, you write in your bid on the first available line. Other people can outbid you and anything with two or more bids will go to auction on Sunday. Keep checking on those pieces you are interested in, and be sure to be available for the auction on Sunday at 1pm.

At end of the Art Show, all art that has only one bid is automatically sold to that bidder.

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