The Confluence schedule is now online (with a few exceptions, such as the filk track, which are not QUITE settled).  Point your PC, tablet or smartphone to:

and click on Program to view the entire schedule; you can also filter by track and category.  Put a check box next to anything you particularly want to attend, and it will be “remembered” on the My con tab. (Do this on the device you are taking to the con, since it does not sync.) Look under People for a list of all program participants (with links to their biographies and schedules!).  Select Info to view the hours for the con suite, dealer’s room, and art show,  a map of the hotel, and links to the restaurant guide and code of conduct.  Questions or problems?  Write to

For more information about who’s on our SF / fantasy / horror / science program, see Program Participants for 2017.

For information about our music guests see program, see Music Participants for 2017.

For information about our costuming / cosplay / masquerade track: Costuming and Cosplay at Confluence.

Questions about our programming? Write to

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