2017 Program

Our Guests of Honor for Confluence 2017 will be Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, creators of the Liaden universe.

2017 Guest of Honor Interviews

Program participants as of March 29, 2017:

Danielle Ackley-McPhail
J.D. Barker
Eric Beebe
Ken Chiacchia
Lawrence C. Connolly
Cynthia Crise
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Eric Davin
Susan Dexter
Frederic Durbin
Timons Esaias
Stephen C. Fisher
Chet Gottfried
J.L. Gribble
Elektra Hammond
Rob Howell
Walter Hunt
Alan Irvine
Larry Ivkovich
Paul Jessup
Al Katerinsky
Herb Kauderer
Bill Keith
Brian Koscienski
Jamie Lackey
Mary Soon Lee
Barton Levenson
Tim Liebe
Brea Ludwigson
Mike McPhail
Sean McWilliams
Christie Meierz
Heidi Ruby Miller
Jason Jack Miller
Charles Oberndorf
Mark Painter
Christopher Pisano
A.M. Rycroft
Darrell Schweitzer
Lucy Snyder
Bud Sparhawk
Michelle Staffen
John Alfred Taylor
Dr. Bob Tesla
Rebecca Thorne
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Albert Wendland
Christopher Weuve
Jeff Young

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