About Parsec

Parsec is a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting science fiction, fantasy and horror in literature, media and music for over 25 years.

Meeting Location & Time

Parsec meets the second Saturday of the month, currently at the Squirrel Hill Public Library at 1:30 pm (except for months when we have the picnic and the holiday party). Meetings are free and open to the public.
Note: This program or event is neither sponsored or endorsed by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.


Parsec is the Pittsburgh area’s premier organization “to promote awareness of the richness of speculative fiction as literature, art and music; further general education in the sciences and arts, support contributions–both scientific and artistic–to society and to espouse the enjoyment of speculative fiction as literature, art and music with others.”


Joe Coluccio (President)
Bonnie Funk (Vice President)
William Hall (Secretary)
Greg Armstrong (Treasurer)
Michelle Gonzalez (Commentator)
Joe Coluccio & Larry Ivkovich (SIGMA Editors)

PARSEC Board of Directors

Joe Coluccio (President and Head of the Programming Standing Committee)
Barb Carlson, (Vice President, Head of the Parsec Ink Standing Committee)
Lara Van Winkle (Secretary, Treasurer and Head of the Confluence Standing Committee)
Thomas Seay (Head of the Workshop Standing Committee)
(open) (Member at Large)
(open) (Member at Large)
(open) (Member at Large)


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  2. I have three photos from Pghlange II, Pittsburgh 1970
    -Harlan Ellison, reading
    -Harlan Ellison in front of poster of Bob Silverberg with award
    -Harlan Ellison, Bob Silverberg, and Lester Del Ray at speakers’ table.

    Would these be of any interest to anyone?

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